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„A lot of people didnt believe that i will build a 35m2 turnkey house for 35 thousand PLN,but when the project was succesfuly finished on wspieram.to, a great adventure has just begun”

Spend 10 minutes of your time and you will find out how to build a all year round house not wasting 30-40 thousands pln on the building crews.

Are you tired of living in a rented flat,filling pockets of the landlord? Are you wondering how to spend the money you’re wasting every month in a wiser way? Are you scared by the thought of construction?
Everything is as simple as you know and we want to share this knowledge with you.

Would you like to have your own plot,your own place and get away from the rat race? Are you tired of the rush and living under pressure?
We have a soliution for it.

Are you living with your in-laws and lack privacy?

Are you thinking that building your house is a complicated investition,if you know nothing about it – thats the way it is.
Questions like : How to start the construction? What to start with? How much do i need to invest? take the sleep away from you

Just think about how simple it would be if you had the knowledge i can share with you,you will find out where to start with,
how to buy your plot cheap,how to report the construction,how to place the foundaments,walls,roof,and finally be done.
And the most important part – without any loans.

Use this opportunity and face your own,handbuilt house.Then you can say – it was,and still is,so easy.

Imagine yourself sitting in a cozy armchair in your own house,looking out of the window you see green grass,silence and calmness.
You sum up how much the building did cost you and you realize you saved not few,but few dozens of thousands of money. Sounds good?
Sure it does! After i finished the building my friend visited me with his colleague that works in the building industry.He didnt know anything
about my project.I asked him : How much would you price the construction of this house? Im meaning the physical work only.
He said – at least 30-40 thousands. And thats the amount of money you can save with us.

It is well known that the cost of labor is the same as the price of materials used for the building,
so buying the materials for 35 thousands,for building the house and finishing it you will pay another 35 thousands.
I’ll show you how to build your own house dimnishing the additional labor price.

The video from the construction site we created is almost 2 hours long but it consists only of the important knowledge
you will need when building with the economic system. Additional 150 pages pdf guide about how to step by step move to the next
parts of the construction.

Informations about how to prepare the ground before starting the construciton,our house,in opposition to other houses
placed by companies on foundament blocks,is placed on 18 reinforced blocks 1,20m. Houses placed on blocks is a cheap practice
used by unexperienced companies to save time and money,but as we know-foundaments are the sole basic of our construction

Assembling of the floor and anchoring the building,special anchors are put in the concrete blocks
thanks to whose not even a tornado can tear apart our bulding 🙂 Additionaly,in oppose to other doers
we used a special galvanised net from the bottom side of the building,giving us the certainty that no mouse or other critter
will slip from the bottom.Frame is additionaly anchored with nuts.

Walls and floor of the building are made from handmade SIP panels.SIP panels
are one of best isolation technologies.It makes the house cold in the summer
and in the winter it provides minimal loss of temperature,making the house
very energy saving. Mechanical and gravitational ventilation makes us feel
comfortable inside the house both in summer and winter.

In our project we created warmed ceiling,we didnt do high ceiling because of two reasons –
first of all,we have less space to warm because as we know all the heat is going upwards,
and the second – in the projects where you report the outbuilding,all year round summer house
there cannot be habitable attic – so that makes the mezzanine bed impossible too. It would be
pointless to do high ceiling and just lose warmth.

Inserting the windows is also very easy – we used 6 ventricular windows that do
great job in such buildings.

Electricity was completely derived to the attic,making us avoid large amounts
of work in laying cables in the walls.Cables are put from top to the ground in a straight line.
On the attic the instalation is secured in tubes and down hermetics.

For the elevation we used siding,its very easy in assembly,resistant to weather and easy to clean.
Ofcourse everyone may do the elevation as he likes,its the matter of taste 😉

Before finishing and screwing on the drywall the paroisolation should be layed,it prevents
moisture and steam from getting into the building walls. It is a barrier that makes our building
well secured.To make everything work as expected we used gravitational and mechanical ventilation.

Roofing are roof panels made by the company Blachotrapez which perfectly fit the project.They are easy
to assembly and the visual effect is even better.

All the knowledge that you will find in the instructional video can be used by you in the construction.

Why buying even the most complicated set of LEGO we are able to assemble it?
Because they provide a detailed guide.And we will provide you with the same kind of guide.
Additionaly the guide will be supplemented with a video clip from the building site. With such
compedium of knowledge you will build your house on your own,without anxiety and most important –
any loans.


How does the pdf instruction look like? Here’s a few photos:

If you want to see a video example check out our youtube account Youtube

Access to these information is a real treasure of knowledge.
After supporting the project you will get an access to the video and pdf instruction,instantly,by the email.

If you want to build your own house without any loans and start to live
independently – support our project and use our knowledge. As our friend said –
its easier to learn over someone else mistakes.

To get an access to the video and instruction (POLISH LANGUAGE!) just support 50$ to paypal email: kontakt@jakzmniejszycrachunki.pl